Staffing Needs


Some of us are name-crunching, team maker and detail oriented ministers in life on the DLBC Board. We are in need of individuals who are ninth grade through adult to minister in various staff positions for the camping season.

Check out the following opportunities for ministry for Jesus:

RN/LPN/First- aid/CPR certified take the responsibility of the medical areas of camping........

Lifeguard /Waterfront….must be certified

Cook Teams of prepare the meals for the week for campers and staff....

Music leadership lead praise and worship during chapel and campfire times throughout the week of camp......

Other responsibilities. .....these other responsibilities could be cleaning,laundry, maintenance or any “go for” type responsibilities, behind the scenes type items.......

The Lord may be calling you for ministry, working with staff & campers. Would you be willing? Contact Vonnie Wernberg at (218) 835 - 6307, or Staffing@DLBC website.

Download Staff Application

Please send counseling applications to:
Marlin Bjornrud 
5452 Nikula Rd Embarrass, MN 55732

All other staff application to:
Vonnie Wernberg
57551 8 Mile Rd. Blackduck, MN. 56630